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We at Samosa Party are on a mission to take Samosas to the world. We serve Hot and Crispy samosas in 15 varieties with freshly made condiments and accompaniments. Now indulging in samosas doesn’t need to come at the cost of hygiene as our chefs follow strict food safety and hygiene protocols at every step while preparing delicious, authentic and 100% preservative free samosas.


Amit’s eye (should we say tongue 😊 ) for great  food and ingredients is unparalleled. From a techie by education to founding Samosa Party, his passion for serving authentic food while solving culinary problems using technology, comes through in every touchpoint of the brand. No wonder Samosa Party is rated among the top 5% restaurants in Bangalore. Amit oversees Product, Technology and Growth at Samosa Party.

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Diksha’s forte is people and customer experience. Through genuine interactions by the brand on a day to day basis is built a long lasting brand that customers love. She is a strong believer that culture and customer experience are owned by one and all. The very empowered Operations team at Samosa Party hence can boast of 78% customers repeating their orders. Diksha oversees Operations, People and Customer Experience at Samosa Party amongst choosing the right plant for every corner of the office 😊

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If you want to join our team, please share your CV at

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